Applied Translation Rockefeller Translator Association Inc. en-US Applied Translation 2768-0193 Variation of personality and ethical values in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam <p>In searching for the face of Ho Chi Minh City's culture, the value theory approach has remarkable beginnings. Since 1986, the social scene in Ho Chi Minh City changed to a major turning point. Ho Chi Minh City accepts many economic sectors and many forms of ownership. A inherently static culture is seeking to transform into a dynamic culture that operates under the influence of market mechanisms. For culture, this is a real risk. Morality is associated with capacity, guaranteed by capacity. “City people” are understood as people who actively solve their life needs, do not passively rely on waiting, and are people who adapt to changes. Because of the two-sided changes and development needs, it is necessary to recognize the changes in personality values ​​and social ethics of Ho Chi Minh City according to Ho Chi Minh's principles.</p> Nguyen Van Bung Copyright (c) 2024 Nguyen Van Bung 2024-06-24 2024-06-24 18 2 10.21744/apptrans.v18n2.1426